Top ten questions about our inflatables

Want to know about reservations, delivery, setup, and safety for Bouncy Thing Inflatables?

Find the answer here or just ask us at 419-779-4940.

1.   How far in advance should I make our reservation for an inflatable bounce house? As soon as possible. Some of our bounce houses are often reserved weeks and even months in advance.

2.   How much room is needed and what surfaces can the bounce house be set up on? A level area of about 17 X 17 with an overhead clearance of 18 feet is needed. You will need 20-25 feet for the slide combos. Our bounce houses can be set up on any level surface (grass, concrete, asphalt, dirt, indoor gymnasiums). Let us know which surface so that we can have the appropriate anchors.

3.   Can we set up the bounce house in a park? Yes, but many parks require a permit, so call us for pricing. Also, we may have to use a generator if the park does not have electricity.

4.   Do you deliver and set up the bounce houses? Yes. We deliver and set up all bounce houses, we insure that they are clean and in good working condition, and we safety test after setup.

5.   How long does it take to set up the bounce house? It takes about 20-30 minutes to set up the bounce house and review safety guidelines.

6.   What time do you deliver and pick-up the bounce house? We deliver 30 minutes to 1 hour before your event. You do not pay for setup time only jumping time. We will pick up within 2 hours of the end of your event. Rental period is up to 8 hours. Special circumstances? Overnight? Two-day rental? Call us at 419-779-4940 for pricing.

7.   What kind of power is required? You must be within 100 feet of an electrical outlet.

8.   Are bounce houses safe? Absolutely! All of our bounce houses are inspected annually by the Ohio Department of Agriculture Amusement Ride Safety Division.

9.   What are my responsibilities as renter of the bounce house? A responsible adult must be assigned to supervise children while the bounce house is in use. An adult must be aware and enforce all safety rules. The renter is responsible for the safety of the children and the care of the equipment.

10.   What if it’s rainy or windy? The Bouncee Thing, LTD reserves the right to cancel a reservation due to heavy rains or high winds (over 20 mph). There is no penalty to the renter. We will call to confirm your reservation on the morning of your party and give you the option of canceling your order. If you decide to proceed in such weather conditions, once the inflatable bounce house is delivered, there will be no refunds if weather consist of heavy rains or high winds.